Growing šŸŒ±

There are several signs that will indicate the process of mental growth. As you mature, you realize you no longer react to certain situations the way you may have in the past. You also desireĀ to share your energy with activities that will only give you the best outcomes. Certain things that once interested you no longer matter. You begin to take better care of yourself physically and mentally. Life is abundant; lavishĀ andĀ plentiful. The most beautiful thing one must know is that your mindset is a strong force. It tugs with the strings of your brain and heart. Having control of your own mindset allows you look at despair and find the beauty within it.

Is your glass half empty? Or is it half full?Ā 

Introspection involves the process of analyzing your own character and searching for things within that should be improved upon. After searching my own soul, “Growing” perfectly described how I feel as a young African American woman.

She was once cold, and difficult to understand;

Quick to push others away.

She left quickly, because the pain of being left was too familiar.

She was afraid.

But then she began to grow.

With the seasons, so did her mindset change.

She became witty, self-sufficient and confident.

She became happy.

The tears of her past and the hurt she held subsided.

She decided that because God created her, she was magnificent.

She owed her grandmother and great grandmotherĀ Ā a representation of everything they worked so hard for her to become.

She promised herself- everyday, she will make progress.

Never did she settle for anything.

The stars weren’t even her limits.

She believed so deeply in herself.

She founded her life with her values, morals and love.

Everyday, she came one step closer to her destination.

Never did she go without recognizing her journey, because that’s where her true storyĀ is still being created.

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