Month: August 2022

No, thank you.

I love God and my promise is to always prioritize his will over my own. It is an honor to obey, respect and choose to lean on my faith over my own understanding. I follow those two sentences by sharing that I am no… Continue Reading “No, thank you.”

Like I Never Left

The changes that I experienced through the last few months catapulted me into adulthood. I’m glad to be apart of the club. This is a farewell to the former, more naive and inexperienced Dai and hello to the beautiful, relentless, powerful yet gentle woman… Continue Reading “Like I Never Left”

I Remember…

I remember riding through the dark county hills with all 4 windows down in a Chevy Silverado pickup truck one summer night. I had just finished fishing in a private pond while wearing flip flops and my favorite leopard sun dress. This was fashioned… Continue Reading “I Remember…”