Major Oak.

There was once an oak tree in the middle of the forest.

This tree stood for hundreds of years, but had no signs to show it.

One summer morning, the oak tree met a whisper of wind.

This sort of weather was not common during summer, but changes were no surprise to the oak tree.

The wind accompanied by rain grew as the sun began to fall.

The oak tree didn’t bend, rock, or seem even slightly phased by the surprising weather.

The rain asked,” Why won’t you simply ask me to stop?

You are just an old and weak oak tree. These conditions are not meant for you to withstand.”

The humbled oak tree responded ever so quietly,” I have been standing for many years…

Rain, you will only last a season. You may be here now, but you will not be here forever.

I’ve been through each season before, and I’ll be here through many seasons to come.”text divider.png“There will be times in our lives where we will experience difficulties. It is very crutial to understand hard times and tribulations cannot last forever. With every experience of your life, you gain wisdom that you can share with others. During the tougher days or seasons, remain grounded by your roots on Earth. God will never leave nor forsake you, so although sometimes the gift of life may bring hardship, eternal love will shelter you. Hold on to your roots.

 Always strive to be the oak tree.”


major oak
Major Oak has survived 1,000 seasons and still stands.

Psalms 1:3 reads: “And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.”

God is nothing short of amazing; omnipotent and almighty. The biblical reference to Psalms was used to explain how God will bless all followers of Christ. Like the tree, we have to be planted, secured and considered as God’s property. We have to be rooted in grounded through our faith in order to be a vessel. When we have God, we have unlimited growth.

The man who whole-heartedly seeks favor from God will find it.

He will bring patience in the time of suffering,

The man who seeks favor from God will bring peace to the troubled mind,

He will carry the brightest and purest of all light.

The man who seeks favor from God will bring gifts of wisdom, faith and love.

“He who trusts in his riches will fall, But the righteous will flourish like the green leaf.” 🌱(Proverbs 11:28)

The Maze.

As soon as I began to think of telling this story, My door opened slightly on its own. It wasn’t completely latched, but my room became hot and at 12.53am, this story will remain a draft…

It’s a very unsettling feeling to know evil is near, but faith overcomes this every time. God will always win.

Story Times are where I will shared from my past. This segment will include nothing but the 100% truth. This story is about the time I believe that I talked to Satan.

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