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November 1st

Good morning readers 💗 It’s the beginning to a brand new month and I feel refreshed! I just wanted to drop by and send some encouraging words because we can never have too many them.

Scratch Paper

I’m a good woman. Don’t play or try to impose… That I’m actually like them other chicks (well the hoes). Don’t push me too far cause this shit will end, And having you beg the Lord forgiveness for all types of sins. I try… Continue Reading “Scratch Paper”

No, thank you.

I love God and my promise is to always prioritize his will over my own. It is an honor to obey, respect and choose to lean on my faith over my own understanding. I follow those two sentences by sharing that I am no… Continue Reading “No, thank you.”

Like I Never Left

The changes that I experienced through the last few months catapulted me into adulthood. I’m glad to be apart of the club. This is a farewell to the former, more naive and inexperienced Dai and hello to the beautiful, relentless, powerful yet gentle woman… Continue Reading “Like I Never Left”

I Remember…

I remember riding through the dark county hills with all 4 windows down in a Chevy Silverado pickup truck one summer night. I had just finished fishing in a private pond while wearing flip flops and my favorite leopard sun dress. This was fashioned… Continue Reading “I Remember…”


As we all venture through life, we will experience highs, lows and in-betweens. Most periods, we may feel the we are inadequate and incapable of achieving our deepest desires, healing and experiencing joy. I’ve come to realize that social media is today’s main cause… Continue Reading “Adequacy”


I feel so good today and that feels damn good to say. Today, I got to march to the beat of my own drum and do the small things I always tell myself that I should do. With my father passing away a little… Continue Reading “2021”


Wow… It’s been a while. I think about my blog a lot, but I honestly think that the most genuine and heart-felt posts that I make are the posts that are uploaded when I feel like it: when I feel like putting my thoughts… Continue Reading “2020”

It’s been a While…

…more than just a few months and the world is changing. I’m changing. Life is pushing forward. In the past few months, I’ve experienced loss, love and growth. People tell you “Happy Birthday” every year, but I think life would be a lot better… Continue Reading “It’s been a While…”


Writing is a blessing and a gift! Luckly, I can pick up my blog whenever I choose… Whenever I need an extra dose of authentic mental healing.  Throughout the past few months, I’ve been living and trying to figure out life; all while maintaining… Continue Reading “Humbled.”