~the feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction. fear; to be afraid of.

Renamed, Official look

It swallows you whole, spits you out and leaves you confused.

Was I consumed, used or just playing naive? 

Do you believe in love at first sight? 

How long does it take two people to fall in-love?

Where are the rules to this part of my life? 

“Make this our kingdom…

Somewhere where good love conquers and not divides.

       True love. The only love I’ll let my heart eternally hold. 

Every lady deserves a man to be her rock, but she must become a woman first.

A woman is virtuous, creative and a gift to everyone she encounters.

She also believes in love:

“Stand by him.”, she says.

“Nurture his heart and hold his hand through the coldest nights.

From the very beginning, be his friend.

Although you are confused yourself as to how to love,

When you find someone who gives you that burning sensation,

When you find the person whom you feel you can never depart,

When you find the person who completes your soul, love will come effortlessly.

If he is deserving, open your heart.”

Being afraid is sometimes what makes us fearless.

Make the woman in doubt disappear.

Tear the sorrow from the depths of her soul.

Feel the scorching fire of her love for eternity.

Even after death itself, you do not part.

After your souls are in the next world and your bones lay beneath ground,

She will still give you an unconditional love.

Take her in and allow her to be the woman only a man can dream of.

Protect her and she will give you her all and more.

She will eternally stand by you and be your queen.

Uplift that black queen. 

Love her as she loves herself.

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