New Beginnings


A pencil begins unsharpened, but only becomes sharpened when a writer desires to create.  If the pencil is to break, what was previously created is not altered. The broken end is left and the creator has to decide to either leave it broken, or resharpen it. This is true with life. If you break, you still have the ability to resharpen and create. The benefit now is that your life will carry your experiences in beautiful grooves. True creators do not allow their obstacles to hinder them. They use them to grow, develop and become advanced. 

 It’s my very first post, and the start to something I’ve only dreamed of doing! Life is extremely unpredictable, and another day is never promised. 

Like my grandfather always told me, “We must do what we can while we are given the opportunity.”

Which is why I am here

               My reasoning behind the creation of this blog is to become one with others like myself.  Through my words, I want others to feel empowerment.  This is a blog that I will have for the rest of my life! Crazy right? Here, you can leave comments and share your own stories- I’d love to hear them. I want you all to know, that I am not only opening myself to the entire world, but this is an opportunity for you to leave comments and share your growth with me. 

               Growth is defined as a process of increase; which can take place physically, mentally or spiritually. The wisest thing we should do in life is take our past experiences, learn from them, grow, and use them as tools to develop our character in preparation for our future. 

               The last thing I will include about New Beginnings is that I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to open a platform, my own website where I want to be free and I want all readers to feel the same way. This is my journey and I am excited to share it with you.

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