Standing in the Mirror

As I stood in the mirror, I traced every curve and groove on my body from head to toe. I saw my body and only thought how beautiful it was.

As I walked closer to the mirror, I saw fog repeatedly pressing against it, then fading away. I looked into my eyes and I saw my past telling a story right in front of me. I saw my scars, and I couldn’t cover them. I looked in the mirror and I saw every single setback and disappointment.

The above is the beginning of a blog that began with these words a year ago. My past created the woman I saw in the mirror. It’s funny how the past and present merge together. Growing allows your perspective to shift. I don’t look at myself the same way I did only a year ago…

I looked in that same mirror today.

I saw hope and patience.

I saw tears but this time, they were full of joy.

I saw my convictions.

I the foundation to a gentle and kind spirit.

I still saw my flaws, but I called them beautiful.

I saw the young woman longing for a closer connection with God,

yearning to be made better;

yearning to be a godly example.

I saw the woman who practices being slow to anger; who seeks understanding;who never really wanted to “fit” into the crowd.

I saw my heart.

I now understand that I was once standing stand too close to the mirror to see what God sees in me.


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