In Your Shoes

As time pasts, I realize that this is only the beginning to a journey I thought began a long time ago.

Before my wedding with eternity, I often wonder how it feels to…

Learn my deepest fears

Hear my deepest confessions

Learn my heart

To grow with me

To confide in me

To be wrapped in my arms

To kiss me

To know you’re always on my mind

How does it feel?

Your name haunts me and keeps me awake past midnight.

page break


His skin like silk, smile as bright as the sun.

His company more refreshing than any summer breeze.

His kiss lingering longer than any perfume.

His intelligence growing me.

I’m fixated on my present and I don’t want this feeling to ever end.

in your shoes


We spend life day after day with our focus on what doesn’t really matter.

We forget to look at how things blend: the known and the unknown.

The two are so far away, yet still together.

The Earth and the sky mingle, just like you and I.

How much unity can we bring to a broken Earth?

God made no mistake introducing me to you.


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