There are so many things I have learned,

But there are so many things I have yet to experience.

The reality is that I am in survival mode.

On top of handling life’s twists and turns, I have a set of generational curses…

…aiming to swallow me whole.

Somedays I feel submission is easier than the war.

This month, I’ve realized that there are benefits in the battle. 

Everyday, I make the conscience decision to challenge myself.

The reality is that sometimes I cry and question my strength.

Somedays, I feel detached from society.

Somedays, I allow my doubts to freely run through my mind. 

Almost everyday, I turn to the necessary; scripture.

The realty is that when I decided to become a true believer,

I left behind old habits and I took on the battle to be better.

God created a tough soldier. 

I exposed my fears to him and he showed me mercy. 

I don’t deserve grace, but I have it. 

I have a godly grandmother and a cursed father. 

I have a praying mother, in an evil world.

God’s love overpowers any plot or plan of the enemy. 

I’m grateful for a covering that I will pass to my children,

who will then pass to their children; and then to their children’s children.

The reality is that I was planted near roots. 

I gave God my realities and in return, he gave me irrevocable blessings. 



flowers by africa


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