New Beginnings


A pencil begins unsharpened, but only becomes sharpened when a writer desires to create.  If the pencil is to break, what was previously created is not altered. The broken end is left and the creator has to decide to either leave it broken, or resharpen it. This is true with life. If you break, you still have the ability to resharpen and create. The benefit now is that your life will carry your experiences in beautiful grooves. True creators do not allow their obstacles to hinder them. They use them to grow, develop and become advanced. 

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I’m constantly bending to break through the box.

It served as protection in my adolescence.

It was until recently that I chose my growth over any wall I’ve created…

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Woman of Love

What truly has value cannot be seen.

Maturity and strength are created through the intangible.

To be spiritually strengthened is to be able to endure whatever life may throw at you.

One day you can have it all and the next day, it could all be wiped away.


If everything you valued was wiped away, would you have enough on the inside to press forward? …Or would you sink?


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Woman of Power

There is nothing more powerful than the love of a woman.

She is divine in her own right.

She breaks the chain and creates generational blessings.

She is after God’s own heart.

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Woman of Grace

I created this blog over a year ago because I truly felt that I was a crappy writer. There were times (and still are) when I can’t seem to express myself with the correct words. I’ve always been a little more reserved at first – but there have always been several layers to my personality. The main reason I created this blog was to give my mind a healthy space to come alive.

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There are so many things I have learned,

But there are so many things I have yet to experience.

The reality is that I am in survival mode.
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Standing in the Mirror

As I stood in the mirror, I traced every curve and groove on my body from head to toe. I saw my body and only thought how beautiful it was. Read More

In Your Shoes

As time pasts, I realize that this is only the beginning to a journey I thought began a long time ago.

Before my wedding with eternity, I often wonder how it feels to… Read More

Happy Anniversary!!

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for supporting along this journey called life!
I’ve now had my blog for a year and it’s so crazy to believe that this all began as just a thought.
I remember sitting in my last days of college and wondering what I could do once I graduated to better myself. A year ago, I considered one of my biggest weaknesses to be writing.

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Darkness does not care about your race, sexuality or gender.

It doesn’t care about your beauty, nor does it care about your wealth.

It starts with effecting your exterior.

The ultimate goal is to not let it capture heart and soul.

What keeps you on fire?  What truly keeps you out of darkness?

How do you survive?

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Entering Dai Break

It began as a feeling that started in my legs and crept its way up my spine.

It reached my head; and to every strand on my head.

It made a home inside.

I looked around the room, and it began to look brighter.

It was the dead middle of winter, but I saw summer.



felt a lump arise in my throat.

I couldn’t even murmur a simple sound.

My fingers tingled, and I just watched the subtle tremble.

I looked around the room at everyone wondering if they ever had the privilege to experience this.



My heart began to compete with every breath I took; three per heartbeat.

I took a walk thinking I could shake the feeling.

I blamed it on jitters.

I felt tears in my eyes but nothing weighed down on my heart.



I thought back to last October and how I sat after midnight and begged for mercy.


Every step

And Every breath I take… are all apart of my greatest miracle.

Image result for black woman drawing

I learned to move with knowledge and not temporary emotions.

I accepted blessings that are still being given to me.

I fashioned myself with the helmet of salvation



It was only when I realized that I held myself back, that I understood how important it was to enter Daybreak…

A Daybreak so unapologetically, miraculously, and fearlessly clear.