Scratch Paper

I’m a good woman. Don’t play or try to impose…

That I’m actually like them other chicks (well the hoes).

Don’t push me too far cause this shit will end,

And having you beg the Lord forgiveness for all types of sins.

I try not to disrespect when I’m disrespected.

My mouth could be vicious… but I’ll just regret it.

I’ll walk away with grace and leave him alone,

in his own darkness, but he’ll still pick up the phone:

To call, cry and apologize yet again,

but I’m not hearing it. I know exactly how this is gonna end.

Because men are children when they’re young,

but some stay stuck just being someone’s son.

They’ll never grow up just down on luck,

and stroke their ego with hoes that want to…

At the end of the day when it’s all done and said,

when he goes home & lays alone in his bed.

He’ll reflect on the past and trying to decide

why he made decisions with his dick and pride?

But intelligent women move on when their healed and ready,

old burdens are something new partners shouldn’t have to carry.

So the years roll on on and the facts remain,

that an unhealed man will always act the same.

Their insecure, broken, lie and try to make up

for all the damage when they know that they messed up.

A good woman forgives yet she still moves on.

She gets married, has children and dances to a brand new song.

One thing you can’t take back is that when you meet her, 

she’ll love you unconditionally even become your teacher.

You’re blessed if you have capacity to reach, access, meet AND keep her.

Every relationship makes her love deeper and deeper.

Her new man hits the lottery, you just get cheaper.

Call him scratch paper because he isn’t the final paper

not even the version you save, edit or come back to later.

Blessing flow in abundance when you trust the man above.

He’s the man that deserves it all because of his agape love.

 So in the face of difficulty I really don’t phase temporary problems,

‘cause I already prayed on my knees and asked the Lord to solve them. 

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