I Remember…

I remember riding through the dark county hills with all 4 windows down in a Chevy Silverado pickup truck one summer night.

I had just finished fishing in a private pond while wearing flip flops and my favorite leopard sun dress. This was fashioned with curls that were blowing wild in the air.

The music was blaring… I didn’t hear the song, but I’m not sure if the wind or my thoughts that were louder.

I stared at the moon and my mind began to wonder:

I wondered if anyone in the car thought things similar to me?

I wondered if I was different or unknowingly the same as everyone else?

If I was, why didn’t people talk about it?

The moon was the brightest light at night and the only thing in the world that appeared still.

I thought about love & how beautiful it was to look at the moon and know the person that you love saw the same one every night.

When I was younger, I was a hopeless romantic.

12 years later, I’m wiser but yet some things remain the same. 

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