As we all venture through life, we will experience highs, lows and in-betweens. Most periods, we may feel the we are inadequate and incapable of achieving our deepest desires, healing and experiencing joy.

I’ve come to realize that social media is today’s main cause for feelings of inadequacy and it’s nothing but a facade. It’s a place where many people go to create the life that they wish they lived. It’s a place where what you have, and what you do can be created without actually being true.

Life is raw, unpredictable and honestly tough. Social media is not an authentic representation of everyday life. You will enter a deep and toxic matrix when you take the images online at face value. I’m here to tell you that not having it altogether is a reality and it should be embraced… because it’s real.

There will never be a time on this Earth where you will have all that you want and need. You will never reach perfection, so you must learn to rely on the only one that is perfect: God. I just want to share (after a long break) some of the things that I believe God are. Remember, you can place your peace in knowing that only God is perfect (and its this way purposely).

This pandemic has taught me that I have to constantly seek the Lord when feelings of inadequacy arise. As nervousness crept in today, I placed my mind on everything that God is and didn’t drop my pen until peace took ahold of my soul…

Jesus is:

  • Adequate
  • Grace
  • Mercy
  • Love
  • Kindness
  • Joy
  • Protection
  • Righteous
  • Patient
  • Powerful
  • Noble
  • our Weapon
  • our Shield
  • our Guardian
  • our Refuge
  • our Shepard
  • our Best Friend
  • our LORD
  • the Savior
  • Omnipotent
  • Omnipresent
  • Omniscience
  • Light
  • Sovereignty
  • Perfection
  • a Soul-Bearer
  • a Burden-Bearer
  • Alpha
  • Omega
  • our Beginning
  • our End


  • Tests you, to advance you
  • Believes in you
  • Washes your soul clean
  • Chastens you
  • Notices you
  • Uplifts you
  • Corrects you
  • Waits for you

There’s More:

  • He goes to the mountain top with you, and will sit in the low valley with you.
  • He listens to you
  • He talks to you
  • He counsels you
  • He goes before you
  • He protects you
  • He will never give up on you
  • He walks with you
  • He counts on you
  • He rejoices with you
  • He weeps with you
  • He knows everything about you
  • He knows all that you have overcome
  • He thinks about you
  • He includes you
  • He prays for you
  • He blesses you
  • He imagined you
  • He created you
  • He smiles on you
  • He is pleased with you
  • He gives you a perfect example
  • He sacrificed for you
  • He prepared a place just for you
  • He died for you
  • He will meet you in glory
  • He lives in you

He is all that we cannot be, but because we chose to abide in all that he is, we are adequate. We are enough.

Adequacy is the state of being satisfactory or acceptable in all quality and quantity.

May this hug your soul the way it has taken the grasp of mine. Thank you for reading.

5 Comments on “Adequacy

  1. This was amazing and I definitely felt these words. Happy you are in a space that brings you peace and joy. Can’t wait to read more 🤍

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  2. This was amazing and I definitely felt these words. Happy you are in a space that brings you peace and joy. Can’t wait to read more 🤍

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  3. This is so comforting. We often get so caught up in social media that we forget its not reality. God is real❤️ I love you and I am EXTREMELY proud of you.

    Love mom❤️

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