A Love Letter

To London:

Putting into words my love for you would only do a fragment of justice but I just wanted to interrupt your day and tell you how beautiful your soul is to me.

For almost 3 years now, I’ve experienced a love so beautiful. 

From our very first date, I saw a light in you that I have never seen before.

You have been a precious gift from God to my soul. 

You are the sweetest melody in my heart. 

You make me comfortable being myself and I never have to hide myself from you.

As you walk through the troubled world, you carry a flame so strong and so bright.

When I lost my father 2 months ago, you held me with the strongest and most loving embrace.

You give me a safe space to weep. 

You show me gentle compassion.

You are powerful.

You are a blessing.

You are a kind-hearted friend.

You are a loving son.

You are a strong brother.

You are a fierce lover. 

You carry a lot of strength.

I love you for your vulnerability. 

I love you for trusting me enough to show me your scars.

I love you for trusting me to always love and nourish your soul. 

I thank God for our bond, our friendship and our love.

I pray to always love you the way you deserve to be loved.

I pray to always be the best version of myself. 

I pray to always be your equal.

I pray that I always lift you when you’re down.

I pray to give you enough room to reach your wildest dreams.

I pray to be the best team mate and partner.

I admire you for staying so pure and so sweet in a wild and unpredictable world. 

I thank God for taking care of us.

Thank you for holding me up when I was too weak to stand myself. 

Thank you for your encouragement.

Thank you for your unconditional love.

I pray that when we grow old, and we are no longer on this side of the Earth, our souls meet again and dance just as we did on our first date.

I pray that we continue to be a power force and fight the good fight together.

I pray that you remember these words when you just need a little more encouragement. 

I pray that you remember these words at your lowest and your highest.

I love you and never forget how needed, important and valued you are to me.

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