Writing is a blessing and a gift! Luckly, I can pick up my blog whenever I choose… Whenever I need an extra dose of authentic mental healing. 

Throughout the past few months, I’ve been living and trying to figure out life; all while maintaining my mental, spiritual and social life. This week, I hit a wall. Not sure if my hormones contributed to this a whole lot, but this week, I had it!

Learning how to manage my finances, increase responsibility and ultimately figure out where I  want to live have been on my agenda this week. Wednesday, I just broke down. I let my emotions OUT. I felt all of the feelings. When I have an idea, I want every question or lose end tied in that very moment. I realize that I messed up when I looked for results without adequate research/ preparation.

This week, I discovered these truths: 

1.  I do not submit to the same old tricks that the enemy has played on me in the past. He comes to steal, kill and destroy so I have to keep on my spiritual armor. Just when you gain victory in one area, the enemy slips into another with the same agenda. 

2. I came to the realization that I grew up sheltered; and in a toxic household. The combination of those two things are alone so difficult to handle but I choose to overcome.

3. I am in-charge of my own future. No handouts or excuses allowed! 

4. Life will gracefully SLAP you right in the face. If you think you’re “better” than anyone, think again. If you thought it through again and came to the same conclusion, keep living.


This week I withstood a faith test. The midnight hour is for the one who knows that they would not have made it if it wasn’t for God’s grace. Remember, the same grace that forgave you for things you have not even done yet is the same grace that will carry you through every twist and turn in life.

I also learned that achieving [real] goals takes time. Long-lasting success and happiness aren’t just handed out. Everything requires work. The hardest AND most rewarding things that we do take effort, tears and sacrifice. I’m not at the finish line, but I’m on my way. I can say God is making a hell-of-a soldier out of me!


One Comment on “Humbled.

  1. Thank you for sharing your testimony!!!! You are a strong and beautiful young woman!!! Can not wait to see what Our Heavenly Father has in store for you!!!


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