It’s been a while. 

I started writing this blog post weeks ago, but it’s been super difficult to tell an “interesting story”. I’ve honestly been very happy and full of joy within the last few months. I think my most creative writing comes out through pain. Lately, I’ve been surviving. I’ve been living. I’ve been growing. I’ve been teaching mysef things about myself. I am at peace with myself, but I am also pushing myself towards reaching higher highs. 

First and foremost, I do not know a lot of things. Strange right? lol The more I learn, the more I realize the things I have yet to learn. Sometimes, my blogs give off the impression that I think I am perfect, but I’m not; I am okay with not knowing it all.

Lately, I’ve been rewarding, disciplining, forgiving and most importantly, loving myself.

I am in a strange era in life where I’m trying to figure it all out for myself. It is the most beautiful and tough transition I have ever went through. I am making decisions that not only make myself happy, but my family as well. My focus is on today, tomorrow and the future. I am holding myself accountable for the decisoins I make; and making sure that the decisoins I make are in line with my aspirations. I am holding myself accountable for reaching my full potential and becoming the person that God has called me to be. 

Sometimes, I look at growth as not enough. There are things that I want, but I have to pay special attention on remembering what I already have. I am more than just a goal-seeker. I am more than just a person on a journey. My health is important. So while I am acheiving my goals, I will also focus on appreciating right where I am.

In the next era of my life, everything must go.

My brothers and sisters, we have to make room for our happiness. I am emptying myself of depression, negativity and pain. I welcome our creator’s fruit into my spirit. I welcome peace. Connecting to him, I have hope and faith in a beautiful future. 

I can do anything. You can do anything. WE can do anything that we set in our hearts to do!

Do not allow all of your hope and faith to be taken from you. Through life we pick up habits that we have to get rid of before moving into a new season in our life. Sometimes, God “moves” in order for us to move and follow him. 

How hungry are you to enter into new dimensions in your life?

The person that God has called you to be is deep down inside of you. 

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