I’m constantly bending to break through the box.

It served as protection in my adolescence.

It was until recently that I chose my growth over any wall I’ve created…


I was stuck.

I tried to be prettier.

I tried to speak less.

I spoke lies into my soul.

I created facades, but they couldn’t last.

The enemy spanked me during the day and God rocked me to sleep at night.

I’m altering and bending in this stupid box I thought I wanted.

Looking now, it isn’t the pretty and solid box it once was.

My dad told me to create this box as he broke promises.

The enemy told me to create this box when people laughed at my body.

I told myself I needed this box so that no one saw me cry.

But God.

He gave me a new meaning. He taught me life.

I fell hard, but stood in his word and asked him to re-invent me.

When you see me, look beyond “perfection” and you’ll see my battle wounds.

I was created to be a protector, a mother, a teacher, a lover, a friend and an example.

I found my identity now that I am altered.

I will always have the love of God.

I am forever grateful for his daily mercy.

He has kept me from falling,  and he said he would present me faultless…

…faultless, without my sins, doubts, fears, worries and imperfections.

I often wonder why me?

The answer is simple:  g r a c e   and I am forever grateful.

His love is inside of me and I am altering, bending and expanding into all that he wants me to be.

May 2019 Be Your Year to be Altered. 

One Comment on “Altering

  1. My dearest niece: Though you don’t know it I’ve watched you alter and transform in your journey to adulthood. You are a beautiful young lady and I sincerely love you. Keep growing and remain faithful. Felicia Rouser Cunningham


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