Woman of Love

What truly has value cannot be seen.

Maturity and strength are created through the intangible.

To be spiritually strengthened is to be able to endure whatever life may throw at you.

One day you can have it all and the next day, it could all be wiped away.


If everything you valued was wiped away, would you have enough on the inside to press forward? …Or would you sink?


Rule Number One: Be Rooted and Grounded in Love.

Roots are our souls foundational support and they’re located in the places unseen.

A Woman of God should have love in her spirit.

If there isn’t love in the root, there will not be love in the fruit.

Remember: Lust takes, but Love gives.

Anything created from the root of love will be strengthened, blessed and protected by Christ.

Will you pass test of love?



How do you Handle Provision?

How do you handle not getting what you want and begging for the things you need?  Do you walk away in search of what you want instead of showing patience and trusting God’s plan for you?


The Test of Protection.  

How much would you allow someone to dig into your foundation and your soul before you feel like you have to save yourself? How much are you willing to let down your guard for love?


The Test of Power.

How do you act when you feel as though you have everything you want and need? When the grass looks green, are you satisfied or do you risk everything in search of greener?


The Test of Love.

How far you can bend while fully trusting that God will not allow you to break?


I challenge you to dig into your own soul by taking this test and then reflect!



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