Woman of Grace

I created this blog over a year ago because I truly felt that I was a crappy writer. There were times (and still are) when I can’t seem to express myself with the correct words. I’ve always been a little more reserved at first – but there have always been several layers to my personality. The main reason I created this blog was to give my mind a healthy space to come alive.

I attached myself to God after witnessing the blessings that he has given to other people. I was always raised in church, so I felt that I always had connections to him. As weird as it sounds, I’ve always felt his favor; even as a child.

As I grow older, there are so many things that I have refocused my energy, time and happiness on. I’m no angel. I have to fight my own set of demons every single day. I made the choice to give up my fleshly desires and “take up my cross”. You cannot reap the benefits of God without making earthy sacrifices. I had to make the decision to to lead and not follow the crowd.

I felt stuck in my old ways, and lost. I often find myself comparing my life to metaphors. I imagine myself climbing upward…entering a new era in life. Although I only have an idea of what that era is I trust God. This weekend alone I felt more strength than I ever have before. Ladies reading: hide yourself in God. He is you eternal father and because of that, you have power. You are beautiful. You are worth it. You are strong and you matter. You are apart of God’s roaal family! As a young woman, my value is on the rise every single day (as yours is).

I am challenging myself is to always be greater than. Greater than pain. Greater than negativity. Greater than neglect. It’s important to know that no matter what life may throw your way, there will always be God surrounding you, protecting you and loving you. He is enough.

Take time to focus and appreciate your growth. Rememeber: there is no such thing as perfection and there never will be. However, there is such thing as improvement. I know following God isn’t easy but here’s what works for me: during work, I have the privilege of listening to music. I use this time to listen to God’s word, I go to church (maybe twice a month – but I’m working on it) and I read the bible. The enemy takes any and every opportunity that he can to weaken your mind and flesh. Be greater than and know WHO you are. You are on the winning side. I am praying for your continuance growth as well as mine.

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