Darkness does not care about your race, sexuality or gender.

It doesn’t care about your beauty, nor does it care about your wealth.

It starts with effecting your exterior.

The ultimate goal is to not let it capture heart and soul.

What keeps you on fire?  What truly keeps you out of darkness?

How do you survive?

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Yesterday and tomorrow merge together so perfectly to create today.

The very place you endure,

The very place you exist,

The very place you rest your head to sleep, suspending yourself from the world.

Yesterday is known.

Tomorrow is yet, a mystery.

Your present place in life may seem clear, but half is hidden in the darkness.

Death reveals in totality what hides in fog.

Tomorrow is a mystery, but also a gift.

It is an opportunity. It gives the gift of hope.

We’re pressured to be positive when we are yet unsure of the future

…because if we don’t,

We wont forgive.

We wont heal.

We won’t reach higher highs; our full potential.

We wont love ourselves or the people that surround us.

We’ll “survive” from minimum effort.

We’ll become mediocre. 

We’ll make darkness our home.

We’ll learn to live this way just to die and leave no legacy.

Without positivty, we  become just a memory; a piece of the Earth.

We become what once was a spirit with an opportunity, and is now an empty soul.

We will pass through life and just become a place in the soil, fog and darkness. 

It is only after death, that you know your entire life.

It is a purposeful decision to cancel darkness with love, joy and humility.

We must conquer darkness. The ultimate victory,



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