Mirror, Mirror

I sat in my room and stared at the reflection in front of me. 

I shut out the world. 

I often thought, “What is so special..?” 

I was sitting too close to the mirror to see what God did. 


Everyone has a similar story, but our paths are what made us all so unique.

For the longest, I  pretended I was okay, that I was immune.

I tried to heal myself and uplift everyone around me.

I held pain and pretended it didn’t weigh me down. 

The strength that I carried wasn’t enough to hold it all. I needed more. 

It wasn’t until death introduced itself to my family that I felt life had seasons.

I had faith, but not enough.

I had happiness, but not enough.

I understood the meaning of word unconditional the day I witnessed someone I love still thank God after watching their mother die.

Unconditional love. Unconditional praise. Unconditional strength.

I decided to live life not to satisfy a single soul, but to give myself the gift of eternity.

I too, am a woman; created from the rib of man. 

From every inch of my body, I am worth it. 

I have peace that surpasses understanding. 

Don’t understand just who I am, but who’s I am. 

I was called to eternal glory from the miry clay. 

It was God that held my hand through darkness and gave me his light.

I am a phenomenal woman, worth it. 

The reflection in the mirror is clear. I see myself. 

As I sit in front of the mirror, I try to put into words what I now see.

I am a woman, phenomenally and wondrously created. 


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