The Road to Discovery

When you think about your path in life and all of the things you want to achieve, at the end of you life, what holds the most value and teaches the most life lessons? The journey or the end result?

Everything we do in life is for purpose. A student does their homework to succeed, a doctor performs surgery to save lives and an author creates a piece of writing to express emotion. Everything we do in life also takes some sort of process. We are not all a finished product. Everything that has happened in our lives have made us who we are today.

It is important to have a purpose, because it establishes a destination. Our purpose in life helps us to seek discovery. Discovery itself is more beautiful than the destination. The discovery phase is where the most valuable lessons are learned.

stepping steps.jpg

Not only do you have to appreciate your journey, but you have to travel along without having  “empty faith”. To believe in yourself and your abilities is gold. We have the ability to shape our minds into anything. We all have the power of choice. It is our choice and our responsibility to grow and learn to appreciate the journey. Our journeys may be filled with hurt, pain and stumbles, but those experiences provide wisdom. A journey provides meaning and purpose.

Exploration is necessary, and it is healthy (mentally) to constantly move and be in search of something. I would like to pose this question: Is the journey of discovery more important than the actual destination?

My insight is that the journey is the stage where one will learn the most about themselves. Appreciating the journey makes everything worthwhile. If you do not appreciate your journey, you will not appreciate the destination. The journey towards something desired is beautiful and we must not focus on an end result, but what we learn as we prevail.


Faith before fear. Always appreciate your journey.

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