A Silent Devotion

I pray.

I pray for peace and healing. 

I pray to one day see the place that I call my heavenly home. 

I pray for patience and endurance.

I pray for understanding.

I pray.

I pray for protection from the enemy.

I pray for grace and mercy.

I pray for a forgiving spirit. 

I pray. 

I pray for love and compassion.

 I pray to be more Christ-like. 

 I pray to over-achieve and break barriers.

In a world where people underestimate the power of prayer, I pray that one day I can teach my children.

In the latest hour, when the world is asleep God is awake, and working. 

Even when I fall short, God is working.

I pray to be holy and acceptable.

This is my silent devotion to you, the one and only; the omnipotent.

Lord, I pray.


i pray

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