Be a Light✨

While I was away for the week, I spent time with family that lives in Alabama. I went to numerous  BBQs, shopped and went to a local flee market.

While walking with one of my cousins, we were approached by a man who I initially thought was simply trying to sell us something. He asked,”Do either one of you play an instrument or sing?” I politely responded “no” because I wanted to continue walking. Although I love to sing, I usually sound like like a howling puppy (so saying ‘no’ avoided any form of embarrassment lol).

He then asked if we worshiped. This caught my attention and I noticed that he was wearing a “God is Great” tee-shirt. My cousin and I casually said “well yes, we’re Christians.” He responded, “As you two walked by, I could feel that you two engaged in some sort of worship; it’s just something about you two… God wanted me to tell you (looking at me) that you’re his princess and you’re royalty.” He also said, ” you two are destined for greatness. I just wanted to share that with you. God bless you.

I felt so excited and blessed! As a Christian, I don’t want to go around pushing God’s word down anyone’s mouth. Christianity is a choice. A friend actually inspired me to pray and ask God to give me a light so that through me, they see him. I really couldn’t believe this man said this. It’s never happened before,but I will continue to pray for God’s light and I encourage you all to do the same. Be blessed 💛

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