Staying focused, and Repositioning

Last week, I was all about sharing things I’ve learned about self motivation, and how important it is to encourage yourself through the toughest time. This week has really put what I’ve said to the test.

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I owe God my love because I am blessed so missing church on Sunday made me feel terrible. I woke up late Sunday and I only had about 40 minutes to get ready so I already excepted that I would not make it on time and decided that I would have to miss church. Yesterday, (which was Monday June 25th), I felt like I was in the dumps. I felt like I wasn’t covered by God because I didn’t come through for him Sunday. I felt although he loved me, he didn’t favor me. Negativity was hitting me from every side. I really felt like I was failing at life. I’ve also been putting in multiple job applications around the city and all I’ve been getting back are emails saying thank you, but you are not qualified enough. Not good enough? I always imagined myself having a job the first time I put an application. I never figured that it would be such a struggle, but I do know that there is a lot of competition.

One thing about job applications that really has me sure this is the reason I’m not being considered when I apply is the fact that I have to check that I’m African-American on every application. I feel like being African-American makes me unqualified, even though I have experience, a degree and certifications. When you apply for a job, the job should not look at anything but your qualifications and not the color of your skin so it is vey unfortunate that we live in a society that already has pre-judgements based on race. I do wonder why this is necessary every single application. I feel like my name “DaiJona”, already shows everyone that I’m African-American so if I were to check the box that says “I do not want to answer for my ethnicity”, it wouldn’t even matter at all.

Every job application shows has an equal employer opportunity statement, but I don’t see any of that coming to life. I went to sleep early yesterday, I’ve been eating a lot, and I have several vacations to pay for when now all I’m truly concerned about is finding a new job. Also, on top of all of this I’m 21 and I feel like I’m supposed to have everything figured out when in reality, I’ve actually just began living.

It’s a lot of different things that I’m dealing and this week, all of my self-motivation talking has really came to life. Without it, I wouldn’t have been successful or productive this week. Sometimes, I wake up and I didn’t feel like getting up at all. Recently, I’ve realized that I have to reposition my way of thinking:  I’ve worked too hard in my life to let myself go or let myself be a failure. I cannot become defeated on temporary emotions. (As you all should not).

I snoozed my alarm system twice not even wanting to get up for work today. Today I’m working a 9 AM to 6 PM shift which is a nine hour shift but I have to be up at 7 o’clock in order to be on time and to be ready for my day. After the second snooze I wanted to snooze again but in the back of my mind I pushed myself. I thought myself *remember DaiJona, self motivation.”

It was my very own blog that inspired me to get up, be strong and to get through this tough week.

I know the things that I’ve talked about may not seem like it’s a struggle to most people, but I will never let myself get to the point where I have too many setbacks in order for me to have a reality check. I always push myself. I have to make it through this week because I have to make it to the rest of my life and if something so small allow me to feel so defeated, how will I ever survive?

We are all strong, we just have to motivate ourselves. Throughout the years, I’ve told myself multiple things such as *you are great you can do it and you can make it* and I will not let myself get to 21 years old and just forget everything that I’ve taught myself.

I am blessed to say that I still have God and although I missed church, I can still pray and I know he’s listening to me. At the end of the day, all you have is yourself and all you have is your mindset.  Every single day you need to realize that you are worth it you are strong. No matter what you’re going through whether it be big or small, you can and will get through it. So although it was just a Tuesday my week had just begun to look brighter with only a matter of seconds of me remembering to consistently motivate myself. 

I’m here to tell you that whatever you may be going through (big or small), always remember: you can make it and you will get through it. 


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