A Rose in Spring.

I don’t have a reason to cry,

But I have every reason to smile.

I know that I am blessed and God has been helping me the whole while…

roses in the spring

Day after day… I see myself. Not who I am today, but the mother, aunt, wife and grandmother I will one day, become.

I see her as if I were standing in a mirror and she’s starring back at me.

She smiles.

If you want to grow, you have to position yourself in situations that will make you vulnerable.

1 million+  African American women walk the Earth and I will be their voice.

What does living  mean to you?

Are you thankful?

There is a curse that will be broken.

I will never become a stereotype, I will become an achiever.

How do you feel?

I can post all day, and I love that people enjoy reading but introspection is golden.

We have to focus on our inner selves more than other people.

I feel like a rose in late spring. 


And although life isn’t always beautiful, I feel love.

I feel excitement when I think about the future that I’m preparing for myself.

Forward thinking is the foundation to progress.

Everything is possible for us.

I want you all to share with me…

How do you feel?

What makes you smile?

What inspires you?

What is your purpose?

I received a  comment from someone in regards to my blog. They shared their story with me, which takes a lot of courage. Their current situation related to the things I speak about and that seriously meant a lot. I would love to hear anything you all have to say because that’s what I’m here for. We’re all growing together. Leave a comment or an email asking or sharing anything you’d like. I’d love to hear it. With me, I want you all to know that we can be real without judgement ❤

“If I were to die right now, my life would be worth something because I was able to help someone else for the better. Our life should be measured by the spiritual things we leave behind. When you live to better other people, you are indirectly bettering yourself. Keep loving, growing and building.”

                                            xoxo, a woman with a mind.


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