I’m feeling myself

It would only make sense start this blog entry “correctly”, because we have never met before and you’ve decided that THIS entry is your first impression of me. Hello Reader! My name is Dai’Jona and I’m the girl who is slowly taking more and more time away from her blog. “I’m being super irresponsible/ unreliable.”


*sings* I’m back and I’m better! (No, but really)

Okay so I’ve been procrastinating on making this post only because I have so much to say but, I’m suuuuper excited to finally get it all out! 

I can start off by saying that I am entering my “prime”. The days, months and years to come are going to be amazing! Do you guys ever just feel positivity and blessings radiating? I’m claiming it. You guys… I’ve been focusing on me, what makes me happy and nothing else! I’m the greatest asset to those around me when I take care of myself first. I absolutely LOVE blogging, but I’m more of a “in-the-moment” kind of person. I need to make sure that I write notes so I’m not leaving any important details out when I’m sharing with you.


It was an amazing day 🙂 I decorated my cap, and I just felt at my absolute best. I graduated at the top of my campus with Magna Cum Laude (3.8 GPA), Sigma Beta Delta NHS, my Bachelor Degree and many smaller awards. I felt my black magic. I had sooo many family members come: my mom, dad, sister aunts (2), cousins (5) best friends (2) and my grandad all surrounding me. I cried. This was honestly the first time in my life where I felt more than just my self-encouragement; I felt encouraged and empowered by the people I love the most. 


Here’s a couple photos from the oh-so amazing day!

DIY Graduation Cap
Ohana, Nobody gets left behind ❤
Cool kids at LC Campus

I’ve been focusing on is my image. Physical health is so important and I always want to look my best. I haven’t eaten fast food, and I’ve only been eating meat or meals once a day. This may seem strange or unhealthy to others, but it works for me. My body is home-grown and looks damn good. I’ve also been doing 100-150 sit ups every night. I sometimes go to the gym with my best friend Makaela AKA La’la. She’s the best to look at men with while running on the treadmill! Killing two birds with one stone is what I call that!

I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping for outfits and accessories. I’m turning 21 Saturday, and I can’t wait for my first experience in a Chicago CLUB. Growing up in entirety is beautiful. One day you feel like you’re already an adult, when in reality you’re only 15. As you get older, you realize that you’re actually becoming an adult and for the first time you can do what you want, when you want.  I’ve been shopping at fashionova and Nordstrom for Ivy Park gear. I’m in-loooove. 

Last week, I shattered my iPhone at the gym– but that didn’t stop me. I still got in a 2.5 hour workout!! I made an appointment to get my screen fixed at Apple, which is about 2 hours from my house. For $160, the phone was saved! But, the screen then had glitches which made it impossible for me to use it without Siri (the screen was completely frozen)! I got a refund -thank God- and was luckily eligible so I just upgraded my phone. I met a really cool guy who helped me out. If you ever read this: Thanks Omar for your help 🙂 I now have the iPhone 7+ in matte black. I’m obsessed. 

I also set another vacation with my lovely father to go to VIRGIN ISLANDS in July. With this being said: I have to get a passport or else my butt isn’t leaving the U.S. I’m starting the process this Friday. There’s so many steps though, to say the least- I’ll be happy once  the process is over. 

My last update is that this youngin is turning 21 this Saturday!!!!! Oh my goodness. I cannot wait! I’ve bought outfits, I’m getting all dolled up and the following weekend will be spent in a hotel out in Chicago with my girls where we can shop and go out to eat during the day, and party at night.

I think this sums up the overwhelming feelings I have of pure gratefulness. Stay tuned, my life is just beginning 😉 

But I never want to go without God knowing that because of him, I have these blessings.


One Comment on “I’m feeling myself

  1. Staring at people while running on the treadmill is my favorite pastime. Come to think of it, sometimes I like to wear shades in public–Ray Bans preferably– so that even on a cloudy day I could just stare at people because I know they can’t see me looking.


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