7 things I learned at 20!

Everyday is an oppportunity to learn something new! What’s even better than that is having the opportunity to share your growth with someone else. Seven is the number of completion. I was also born May 7th and it took God seven days to create Earth. Here are seven things I learned at the age of twenty.

7 things I learned aat 20


1. It’s okay to say no

I’ve always struggled with being a “people pleaser”-being afraid of making others upset- so I became familiar with not putting myself and my emotions first. This year, I realized that I have feelings- lol. Meaning I should respect myself and focus on only saying yes when I truly mean it. It really bothers me when I think about the people in this world who have the ability to use and destroy the lives of others without any remorse. However, I actually learned to speak up for myself and in situations that go against what I believe, I can say no without the fear of disappointing someone else. 9 times out of 10, if a person doesn’t respect your decision, they don’t respect you. Self-love is the best love and it should be done unconditionally.

2.  If you want it, go for it

There are no rules to how successful, how fit, how kind, how ANYTHING you can be. Limits are self-imposed. If you want it, you can do it. The sky isn’t even the limit and this world is yours. The only person who has to believe that, is you. Do all that you can while you have the time so there is never room for regrets. You are your biggest cheerleader!

3. God is you best friend

Best friends are rare, and hard come across. But at midnight, with tears streaming down your face, there is only one person who will hear you without any judgement and I encourage you to get to know him.

4. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone

You have one life for crying out loud! Make memories that you can laugh at when you’re 75 years old and married; Just so you can share them with your partner lol. Experiences help you grow wiser. Doing what makes you uncomfortable every once in a while will spice up your life. I promise! There are no rules, but never ignore your intuition.

5. Make lemonade

It is also okay to laugh at yourself. Use the negatives life throw and make the best from them. Make lemonade. Heal yourself and try not to rush your progress. Sometimes, life gets tough and perfection is non-existent. We are also all humans and we all have feelings. Every once in a while, we cry and although society will sometimes try to convince you otherwise, it is okay. Sadness isn’t fun at all but I promise, sadness is only a temporary emotion. Take care of yourself and at your lowest moments remember:  “This too shall pass.”

6. Don’t fear love

Don’t let your own past or what you see in society shape the way you view love. Love is beautiful and two people are meant to share it for eternity. If you base love off of things around you, you may shield yourself from meeting someone amazing. You are special, and there is someone out there that is special just for you.

7. You’re not as old as you think

A year ago, I was only 19. I am still growing, and learning. Remember: don’t make too many adult decisions and enjoy your youth. Dance around your house, sing as loud as you can, be young and have fun! After all, we only have one life.

Be the best at being “you”.

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