I Exposed Myself.

Week Ending: March 19,  2017. 

“Life isn’t always easy, but the journey you take allows you to become who you are meant to be. Life is also far too short to not appreciate every single aspect of it. The best and happiest moments of your life often occur when you realize that even the smallest things matter. They sometimes hold the most value.”

 Grow with me. 

I’ve always been told, “Work on your brand. Build a name for yourself.” Now that I’m entering the real world, it’s time to dance with responsibilities and live as stress free as possible.

Life right now is on a straight & inclined path. Everyday, I can feel myself growing. I love the person I am at 20. This week, I found out that I graduated in the top 10% of my class! You’d be surprised to see how many of my high school friends have returned to community college because they could not afford their education. (The only reason I include this is because while being in a high school program where everyone competes to be the best, I often felt judged and discouraged when I tried to be at my best. Some students could be considered academic bullies. If you are in AP, CSP or any advanced classes, you know what I mean. Sometimes, I wished I stayed in regular classes! Lol. There was just a lot of pressure to be a top performer.) My decision to stay home and commute allowed me to graduate college a year and a half earlier than the students who graduated high school with me. I am blessed.

Wednesday, I received my Bachelor’s Certificate and I am extremely proud. First thing my mother did was put it on our living room’s table. However, I’m thinking about placing it away in a drawer until I can find a frame. After all- It’s my certificate and I earned it. I just don’t want anything to happen to it. Afterall, I plan to show my children one day.

I decided that because I don’t relate with the individuals in my hometown, I’ll be branching off and being successful elsewhere. I am not meant to stay in my hometown. God has a lot in store for me and my future. I’m honestly just preparing myself for his blessings.

Throughout this week, I thought a lot about my ancestors, and their ancestors. I thought about how blessed I am. I cried about the deaths that happened for me to even graduate college… To have my own website. I got on my hands and knees and thanked God. I truly feel that God considers me to be his daughter- his prized possession. He is amazing and I know that I am who I am, because he is who he is. He is my beginning and end & honestly, my best friend. I often think about how exciting this year is going to be. I’ve been doing a lot of..

Dai Dreaming

Blogging is amazing because you know your readers honestly find interest with the things you have to say. There’s a lot of Shadowmen in this world, but they won’t dare to stay long on my blog. I believe only the pure and whole-hearted can see my sincerity without tampering with it. In other words, I appreciate you.

This week, I decided to share my blog with Instagram.

Last week, I decided to share my life with the world.

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