Mr. Shadowman

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 9.58.18 PM.png

Dear Mr. Shadowman:

I never thought we’d meet again.

But when you see him once, you always see him again.

He sees your fear. He sees your spirit.

He does anything just to come near it.

You were born in this world, just like me.

We shared the same past, “Where is daddy?”

You were taught right from wrong, How to clean a mess.

You, however found a bad habit to get rid of your stress.

To feel an empty void is the sad reality.

I promise your bad habits stay with you, I won’t let them cling to me.

There are people who experience tough times and prevail.

There are others who sit and share them and claim they don’t like hell.

The Shadowman lives on this Earth, he can even change his form.

You recognize him when it’s too late, you’ve already been torn.

He creeps upon you and knows exactly what to say.

There’s one thing about a Shadowman, all he needs is a place to stay.

The Shadowman is a great actress, his favorite role is a man.

We would have a little more sympathy if “temporary” wasn’t his favorite jam.

What you believe is common courtesy, he believes is having a “good heart”.

Pay attention close attention to the sign of the Shadowman, leave before he starts.

But this letter is to the Shadowman-please listen close:

I am a blessing, a child of God and a gift to this world.

No matter how many times we come into contact I will always win.

Because at night to cope with my past I know exactly what to do.

I get on my hands and knees and look to the ceiling of my room.

And with tears streaming down my face,

I feel tension in my head though hope rests in my heart.

I find peace; through God’s amazing grace.

And because we all have problems, I try look beyond your face and to understand.

That the only reason you spread pain like its a remedy is because you have met the Shadowman.

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