Her Man Took Me out for Lunch

Week Ending: March 11, 2017

Sunday was an interesting day because at the last moments of my Saturday night, I realized that I would be waking up early to come in for a shift I never realized I had. Life’s great! You think you may need rest, but you may be in the need of your next project in life. 

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This week, overall was very great. I created this blog Monday! It was also the first time in a while where I actually felt content with not seeking validity or attention from a man. There are numerous men seeking to catch my attention, but in reality- that is not what I’m choosing to spend my time focusing on. I have ambition and dreams that I need to fulfill. I am doing this for my future. In the past I would say “I’m dong this for my mother.” I guess you have my permission to call me “selfish.”

Rhetorically I’ve been repeating to myself: You have to want success as bad as you want to breathe, YOU have to want it. You have to do it for you. No one can live a dream for you. You have to be selfish. Take risks, learn and grow. Do it.

I have recently been obsessed with beauty tips and good reads. I am also on my natural hair journey. Leave a comment if you’d be interested in me blogging about my favorite natural hair products and tips! 

My next read is most likely “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. Although I have yet to purchase, I have looked up the message the book gives which ties back into my repeated rhetorical chants. This book was surprising a recommendation by the Shadowman.

I also ended this week reconnecting with old classmates just to discover that there are only four or five that I actually relate with or wouldn’t mind being around for a significant amount of time. Growing older, I realized that all of the students who took full advantage of W. High School’s College Studies Program did not turn out to be the most successful. Your actions determine what person you turn out to be, not a label. I’ve read more than one news article about how my classmates will serve time in jail. I believe that I am amongst the first from the class of 2014 to obtain their Bachelor Degree, and that is okay.

Friday, I hung out with an old classmate who turned out to be a very humble person. Someone I am pleased to know and someone I hope to know for a very long time. Afterwards, I was left with the idea,” Could a man and a woman be attractive and become nothing but good friends?” I can answer this: yes. 

Saturday I worked and profited the store over two-thousand dollars based on my personal contribution. I was able to assist and have more than thirty customers say I was the one who helped them shop. This may just be a small retail job, but its molding me into a person who is familiar with the feeling of helping others. If you take nothing else from reading this take this: What you do for yourself means nothing when you leave Earth. What you whole-heartedly do for others shows kindness to this cold world. If you can do one thing everyday because you know it will make someone smile, do it. 

Saturday, I also spent time with my father. After four years, he is making effort; He asked to see me. I always remind him I love him. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to mend our relationship. Life is short.

Comment below if you have any questions, would like me to add, or you have any suggestions. Follow me to be updated via email when I post.

This is my life, but I encourage you to stay and grow with me 🌱

3 Comments on “Her Man Took Me out for Lunch

  1. I mean she gave so many good nuggets here, why does it matter who took her to lunch. Look at the big picture my friend. In my country, we always take other peoples significant others to lunch…sometimes we take our shoes off to go catch our lunch on the safari.


  2. I really like this article, but what happened at the lunch with her man? How she feel about him taking you to lunch? What yall eat? This is so suspenseful 🙂


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